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If you have no Cherries to pick, then grow some


Greetings My Children,

I am here to aptly explain another fascinating tactic employed by Progressive Liberals crowd. This is to claim validity and put you on the defense. A good example is an exchange where you lie about the entire contents of it and misrepresent everything it contained in order to suit the narrative you are peddling. This is done to provoke a response to give validity to the stated misrepresentation and outright lies. It’s a manipulation of how us humans generally perceive such conflicts, especially to laymen who are not familiar with such twisted excrement.

The idea is adding just enough truth in the mix with as much outrageous crap as can be mustered to provoke a response out of defense which is generally perceived as weakness and guilty conscious on the accused. Often followups consist of “How did you know you were talking about you” to “It must be true because you responded to it” kind of implications to increase the validity. Further bonus points when you mix in everyone you can with just enough truth appearing so convoluted they’ll just take it as face value.

In Summary, this is a fancy way of lying to make it look like you are telling the truth. More added bonus to being able to provoke what you want to prove the validity of previous excremental spewing.

The Anatomy of Potato


I can’t help but keep noticing the oblivious irony of the people using the potato phrase while claiming to be against online/offline bullying, revenge porn, and other nasty activities. This is a pretty good example of people adapting the style of language from 4chan without fully understanding the origin of where it comes from.

I did a look up on the rather informational website knowyourmeme which had a bit more information than I knew on the subject. The phrase, according to the article, was around for a few years in limited use before I even knew of it but never really went viral. It came into the lingua franca of 4chan (which was when I first was introduced to it) when they got a hold of a mentally disabled girl’s photo they stole off a facebook support group and captioned it with the phrase.

This mentally disabled girl had her photo stolen and immortalized as the potato girl across the internet for no other reason besides she’s mentally disabled. Her mother tried to take down the harassing photographs of their daughter and spoke out against it to the media which resulted in more degrading captioned pictures from the news article. In essence, this is very definition of bullying, their actions causing emotional stress to others on purpose.

When the white knights and claimed good guys use this phrase all the while screaming against bullying and how righteous they are, I can’t help but see the irony in it considering where the phrase comes from. Now it’s just often shortened to just the word “potato”.

I know, as I have lots of dedicated fans making straw men in my image to burn, I figure I would address the obvious stupid beforehand. There is often this weird form of pseudo argument where if I say something, they automatically infer I am claiming to be just like them with claims of moral/ethical superiority, I’m not, this is not hypocrisy but them projecting onto me. I am guilty of using “potato” once in a great while usually in ironic mockery of others who use it but I am not a antibullying advocate nor do I claim to be righteous. I do, however, claim to be and am an asshole. I do not misrepresent myself.

Progressive Liberals Are Synonymous To Dishonest Manipulative Nut Jobs



Normally I do not try to go into the politics as frankly I dislike politics but this is a really fascinating pattern I just really can’t ignore. People who identify themselves as progressives seem to be the most dishonest nut jobs I’ve ever seen in my life. They cry victim at every chance and they are just frankly nasty people. I am aware I am generalizing an entire political spectrum / group but I just can’t seem to see any good in many of these people. As a small group of them have been completely obsessive begging for my attention for the past few months, I figure I would write this highly informational blog post about how they act in detail.




In order to satisfy their “you are with us or against us”, which is pretty close to a cult mentality that you can not absolutely go against any opinion they hold, I become a Right Winger, member of the Tea Party, a bigot, and a racist. They really can’t seem to understand I don’t identify with any political groups because I dislike the majority of them for good reasons. With these people, it’s all politics, you either have to agree with them and if you don’t, you must be destroyed, attacked, and laughed at if you take offense to their nastiness or even more ludicrous ideas. None of this is sane or remotely normal at all. It greatly reminds me of Scientology which I was exposed to when I was involved in Chanology.  They view an attack as anyone who disagrees and have a different view than theirs as justification. They claim all pro rights and everything else when it’s theirs and when it comes to anyone else, they’re attitude is simply summed up in 3 words, fuck them all.

Their roots come from a man called Saul Alinsky and a book he wrote, Rules for Radicals.  Some pretty manipulative and dishonest tactics of a complete asshole is what I see in review. I don’t think he was inherently bad as he did much to improve the quality of living in some not so great places but I do not think the means justify the end. They really love applying this guy’s methods for their own twisted ends.




Their main toolkit consists of peddling dishonest representations as reality with even crazier justifications for it. People familiar with the basics of debating will recognize this as the straw man argument, only they’re not interested in any engagement, they ignore you when called out or proven wrong. They setup a statement with a disingenuous representation and they attack that as factual. This is for the viewers they can drag into their side, bonus points for screaming Conservative/Tea Party/Right Wing while doing it. They talk all among themselves with all manner of shit and if you have the nerve to comment on them talking about you and accusing you of crap? You are stalking them! Ah, reality, where art thou? In their reality, you are not allowed to comment on them trashing you, damn horrible person you!



To amuse myself because I’m an asshole and for the purpose of writing this blog post, I used the word cunt to aptly describe one of them and all the outrage was rather hilarious. They seemed to have no issues comparing me as coming in second to OccupyRebelion and using my own favorite quote that use to be in my bio implying me a monster. Yes, I called you a “manipulative lying cunt”, because I have no issues calling a spade a spade, now cry victim after spending 2 months asking for a reaction to all your crazy shit you’ve said about everyone. I am a horrible monster for defending myself! I called you exactly what you are! Do you need a tissue?



So, one of the crack detectives decided to do a search on my twitter timeline spanning approximately 4 years to determine how many times I’ve used it and it ended up with maybe a dozen or so tweets. I use this word so little I frankly did not recall until then the usage. This also brings up another thing these people do I forgot to mention. They refuse to address any points that are made against them or shows them in unfavorable light, rather they try to find any kind of thing to attack with. I use colorful language and creative analogies all the time, somehow this disproves anything I say? It validates all the crap they have stated as factual about me? No, it’s just them distracting from actually responding to how they act and the tall tales they spin to suit them.




Talk about insanity, apparently some little old ladies worthy of a nursing home claiming credit for me deactivating as factual is pretty out there too. I deactivate now and then when I’m too occupied and twitter is just a distraction. I know this may be really shocking to the jobless who really have nothing better to do but sit around obsessively talking shit about everyone. I will deactivate my account again soon enough and do catch up on the long list of things I require doing this month. You see, if I don’t tweet I got arrested for some make believe crime and if I deactivate, it’s because I’m running away! You really can’t win with crazy people with no grasp of reality with egocentric narcissistic tendencies.


Feel free to potato on!



Special “Tea Party” Update!



This is a perfect example of the aforementioned tactics, accusations without the slightest amount of anything to back them, full of lying bullshit. When asked multiple times to point out anything backing up this? Crickets… This is ironic paired with this statement here


So who is spinning what agenda? I am waiting for a reply, I figure I would publicly update the blog post here with it with the slim hope he might actually try to defend his statements. It should be a rather interesting exploration of how bad one can lie and spin tales from one’s own arse.

BullyVille aka James McGibney Threats, Intimidation, Extortion



Normally I would actually write something but I really don’t think that is required. I will let the following speak all for itself. It has always been my policy to publicly post threats, extortion, blackmail, etc. as I refuse to give into such actions and it is rather ironic that this is coming from an “Antibullying” advocate.


“Here is the domain I bought weeks ago because I was already plotting to come at you, Michelle, and all the victims of Neal. Just be quite mkay? thnx!”




All Hail Ron Brynaert!

Sue Basko sends me crazy emails


My Reply… LOL!




Note:  This is a crazy C&D for a unpublished blog post in OpenOffice I forwarded to Joseph Campbell

Another Note: I’ve never had any communication with Sue Basko until this unsolicited email was sent to me.

12/18/2013 Prophecy – Neal Rauhauser




Version: GnuPG v2.0.19 (MingW32)


UPDATE ON 12/24/2012

It is time my children to reveal the prophecy! The password was “Mathew 7:16” and the following is what it contained.

Hash: RIPEMD160

The date is 12/18/2013 and I hereby predict, as the all mighty and all knowing Exalted Sanguinarious who's knowledge spans all the internet in it's glory under goatse, a amazing event of epic proportions.

Neal Rauhauser will reactivate his account in less than the 30 day mark bringing back himself to terrorize the innocent and to stalk the Clark, NJ Police Station! However, before this event he will operate various sock accounts to cause strife as usual. This may take on many forms but it will be worse than all other attempts he has ever made in the past 2 years. The Nealocalypse is upon us all!

His Holiness,
Version: GnuPG v2.0.19 (MingW32)



Profiling of Jennifer Emick

Greetings Children,

TINFOIL LEGAL DISCLAIMER: The information from this post comes from a multitude of trusted sources and from my own first hand account. Contents contained in this post I am representing as factual information, not just an “opinion”. Sue me.

This is a blog post I never would have thought I would be writing but here it is. I figure this is necessary to warn others and to put it out there never to trust or use this woman as an information source. You see, Jen has an agenda that is not wholesome in nature and hasn’t been for a long while. Her purpose is to effectively screw up anything she touches, intentional or unintentionally, for anything having to do with Neal Rauhauser or his (and Jen’s ex-handler) Dan.

I would like to clarify I stood by Jen because I disagreed with the attacks on her. I just can’t do that anymore due to what she’s done and I regret my association with her. She gravitated towards me because of my views on th3j35t3r, and I will explain why later on.

I think everyone should know my issues with Jen in detail and they are numerous. Writing this will alleviate a lot of time possibly wasted and if anyone wants to know, here you go! I don’t think Jen should be trusted and her associations with the conservative crowd is over the top ironic. She worked for ACORN and was proud of it, and conservative political bloggers use this woman as a information source in public? Really? To top it off, she was consorting with Rauhauser until they got into a little fight were Jen leaked some of their txts under the alias “cream”. That alone should be enough to turn some heads but don’t worry, there’s more.



If you recall Jen’s swatting, ever notice the entire lack of action or prosecution? Well, let me help explain, she refused to press charges or a complaint. When she was called out on this fact, she literally said the police refused to let her file a complaint. Now, I am not a rocket scientist here to notice the police can’t refuse to take a complaint? Apparently Michigan is like some third world country inside of America from how Jen explains it. To top this all off, she begged and begged for a audio recording she needed immediately for Agent Dan concerning her swatting. You know what she does with it? She splices some audio snips and posts it to herself under a sock account less than a week later. Yea, what the actual fuck? She actually wonders why and is in shock when people don’t trust or believe her? By Agent Dan she really meant “Make a sock account on twitter for e-Court! I will prove to everyone poor me! I will also fuck up my legal recourse because Twitter is more important to my ego then my kids that got terrorized to death by the police!”. If you didn’t guess, yet it never got into Dan’s hands which was latter found out with him having no knowledge of it (so he claimed). This single event is when I didn’t say a word and just blocked/removed her from everything, I did not believe she deserved any damn further communication is why.


This is how Jen keeps her promise not to release recordings on twitter and doesn’t give them to Law Enforcement she claims want them.

I just don’t understand this, why would a caring sane mother of her children fuck up her own legal recourse like that? Only conclusion I got is she isn’t sane or caring of her own kids with a good possibly Dan telling her not to do it because Neal is his star confidential informant.


This is Neal Rauhauser’s response to the adding of the proper blog posts.


I see Neal’s response and I raise him this. R.I.P.

Another good question is why isn’t Josh The God have charges pressed against him for what he did to Jen? It’s a pretty clear cut case that wouldn’t take much effort for a conviction.

I also learned later on when the contents of my computer got spilled all over the internet she was going through it asking others about it. I have come to the conclusion she was probably sifting through it trying to find something to get me arrested for like the rest of them. I have even received allegations from people that she was even talking to my exgf who did it which would mean they were plotting together, sure as hell were not talking about the weather for sure. Considering the things I’ve seen her do as of late, I can’t brush this one aside as just a baseless accusation.

Now we have the banhammer incident, where I banned her off a private forum who’s purpose was researching current activities and connecting victims of Neal & Associates. The only reason why she was allowed in was due to her promise she would contribute and be constructive which she, of course, wasn’t. The aftermath of her little fit was pretty impressive I must say, apparently to Jen I was a criminal she “prevented” from being arrested. As you can imagine I didn’t take kindly to this as I am a law abiding citizen and here is an FBI informant claiming this? So, on first unbiased glance we have Jen admitting to obstruction of justice or she’s full of butthurt over being banned. Half the shit she said was just a mix of “what the fuck?”, “I can’t believe she just said that”, and “oh man, legal goldmine”. Now, I have to give credit and thank her for this outburst, it’s helped a lot, if only she knew how much.

Another issue I have with Jen is her lack of holding her precious Dan to the job he is suppose to fulfill. Her logic behind this is sometimes victims don’t get justice so you have to support other ones while being silent on criticism concerning the ones they didn’t help? Like what the fuck? Imagine applying that to a case like a serial killer? Yes, we understand he confessed in public and murdering this person but you got to understand, not all victims get justice, you just gotta wait until he murders the right person. Does this make any fucking sense?

To the last part here, I will point out what Jen is going to do and has already started doing, consider this like tomorrow’s newspaper. Like anyone advocating against th3j35t3r, she will cling to anyone and anything associated with them. She has done this with everyone she thinks will listen to her or will support her views. It does not take a rocket scientist not to notice how fast she clings to anyone anti-th3j35t3r and the same will happen concerning me. Today she actually had the balls to suck up to and be friendly to RJ Sterling, long time friend of Neal Rauhauser. This was not a coincidence, it’s because she seen me RT this:


In her mind this is perfectly acceptable and probably finds it funny like her giggling over her own terrified children in her swatting on the phone.


This woman tries to present herself as for victims and she’s on their side, she isn’t. Look at this disgusting shit? It doesn’t surprise me it has to be about th3j35t3r on top. This man threatens to rape people and a thousand other incredibly obscene shit for disagreeing with him and him political beliefs. This man is also on “Team Kimberlin” defending the abomination of a human he is. A person with some moral fiber wouldn’t do what she just did at all.

Just look, He is now running to defend Jen.


Does anyone really need anything more to understand my viewpoint?

Watcha gonna do? Complain to Dan to do something because I wrote the truth?

Quick Note:  Should be last mention of Jen as she isn’t really worth the effort of beating a dead horse.


Jen and RJ Friends for a while?


The Beginnings of Backtrace Security – Twitter Rant 11/18/2013



























Jennifer Emick & th3j35t3r – Twitter Rant 11/13/2013






















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